Science Block

 Laboratory :

At KK School, there is a great emphasis on 'learning by doing'. This is ensured by our well equipped laboratories. All our labs have independent work stations for our students. There are more than sufficient equipments and material in each lab. There are separate labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology for the students to experiment and learn because learning by doing makes concrete concept formation.

Science Lab
There is a Composite Science Lab for middle school, to cater to the needs of learning of science. It has all necessary equipment, material and models.

Maths Lab
A well equipped Maths lab inspires students to explore and learn. All the latest pedagogical tools in all shapes and hues invite one to experiment.

Language Lab
Our modern well equipped lab ensures individual attention to each child in terms of perfect phonetics. Kits are available for all languages taught at the school.

Computer Lab
The state of Art Computer Labs at KK School is fully equipped to provide child friendly activities through interesting software. Each child has his/her own work station to practise. There are different labs for Senior and Junior schools.

Knowledge Hub
The spacious library at KK School is a state of the art library with ample e-resource, stocking an extensive reference and literary collection and CDs on a variety of subjects. Each e-station has access to the internet. Each child is encouraged to use these facilities for reference work to prepare projects. 

Surveillance station monitors the students' stations to ensure that undesirable sites are not explored. The library has books and journals of all genres for students and teachers.